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Australasean Group Signs with Geo-Ionic

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Australasean Group announced today an exclusive Asia Pacific distribution agreement with Project Innovations Pty Limited, manufacturer of the patented Geo-Ionic™ and Geo-Ionic Plus™ road stabiliser. Geo-Ionic is used widely in Australia and New Zealand and is the industry leader in road stabilisation compounds.

The agreement allows Australasean incorporate Project Innovations products into its mix of infrastructure based products for the ASEAN market.  

"The 5−year warranty offered on Geo-Ionic is fast becoming a requirement for our global customers", said John Wallis, COO and head of business development and strategy at Australasean.

“This distribution agreement, raises the bar in in road stabilisation solutions in the Asia Pacific, providing the ultimate foil against road deterioration in the region.

"This exclusive Asia Pacific distribution agreement with a fantastic technology provider like Project Innovations enables Australasean to offer even better and more complete solutions into a wider range of applications” said Mr Wallis.

“With 12 offices in the Asia Pacific Region, Australasean is uniquely positioned to deliver infrastructure solutions for application−intensive, environments that require constant, real−time viewing and interaction with multiple sources,” said Greg Evans Executive Director of Australasean Group.

New product introductions

Project Innovations will release Geo-Ionic Plus in the early part of 2020, which is designed to solve the issue of sandy soils and makes use of polymer technology. 

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