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"We see what everyone else sees, but think what no one else has thought!"

As an entrepreneur, you will appreciate the pivotal role that creative ideas, strategic planning, effective marketing, relationship-building, and network development play in the success of small to medium-sized enterprises. Networked Consulting, a subsidiary of AustralAsean Industries Pty Limited, was established to provide comprehensive business advisory services to companies, organisations, and individuals across Australia and the Asia Pacific. 


We pride ourselves on assembling a top-tier group of business mentors, carefully selected based on our past successful collaborations. This approach eliminates the uncertainty often associated with seeking assistance for your business projects.


Our roster of consultants comprises highly esteemed business executives, ranging from specialist accountants, logistics experts, export consultants, to government lobbyists. With a diverse team that includes a polymer chemist, a hydraulics engineer, and specialists in grant funding, we offer extensive coverage in Australia and across the Asia Pacific region.


Here are some of the services we offer:


Business Networking: With our extensive business networks developed over many years, we can connect you and your business with decision-makers at all levels, from small enterprises to large corporations and government bodies.


Report and Grant Writing: Our expertise extends to crafting professional documentation, including project feasibilities, elevator pitches, funding proposals, startup proposals, and expressions of interest. We excel in writing government grant applications to maximise your chances of successful funding.


Sales Marketing And Branding: We approach sales and marketing with lateral thinking, guiding you on a path to effectively manage your efforts by thinking outside the conventional boundaries.


Information Technology: From resolving IT problems to explaining social media and digital marketing, we provide assistance to keep you updated in the ever-changing business environment.


Project Management: We consider project management as part of a logical path from inception to completion. Our services include preliminary planning reports to optimise cost savings before engaging other consultants, managing their workflow after engagement.


Brainstorming: Drawing from our experiences in the business world, our consultants offer valuable insights and advice during brainstorming sessions for new ideas.


At Networked Consulting, we can undertake various tasks, from discussing how to fund a startup to writing a feasibility study for your dream project. We provide insights and advice to foster the development and growth of your business, acting as your business development manager without the associated on-costs. We can also act as Board members. This list only scratches the surface of our capabilities. Feel free to reach out to us for a more in-depth discussion of how we can assist you further.

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