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Quicklime, Hydrated Lime, and Agri-Lime

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Quicklime, Hydrated Lime, and Agri-Lime are indispensable materials that serve as linchpins across a wide array of industries due to their diverse applications and transformative properties. Australasean Industries trades lime between the producer LimeCo in Thailand and our customers in Australia.


LimeCo Thailand’s products boast exceptional quality, surpassing Australian standards with a calcium level of 99% and negligible silicon content. This positions us favourably in the market, particularly in sectors where quality is non-negotiable, such as government projects, councils, mining and industrial applications.


With a production capacity of 6,000 tons per month, LimeCo Thailand is well-equipped to meet the growing demand in Australia. Additionally, our scalable business model allows for flexible expansion to accommodate increasing market needs, by using related suppliers. We have established strategic partnerships with key players in the lime industry, including LimeCo Thailand, a leading lime producer in Asia.

For more information on Mineral Line trading please contact our  trading manager Joseph King. Email or our Thai  logistics  manager Timothy Leak, email

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commonly known as agricultural lime, is derived from crushed limestone or sea shells and serves as a cornerstone in modern farming practices. With its capacity to neutralise soil acidity and furnish essential nutrients to crops, Agri-Lime plays a pivotal role in enhancing soil quality and optimising pH levels for agricultural productivity. 


By fostering healthy soil conditions, Agri-Lime significantly boosts crop yields, ensuring sustainable and profitable harvests for farmers.

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Quick Lime

scientifically referred to as calcium oxide, undergoes a transformative process when limestone is heated, resulting in the liberation of carbon dioxide and the formation of a fine, white powder. 


This powder possesses remarkable chemical properties, making it an essential ingredient in diverse sectors such as water treatment, construction, agriculture, and manufacturing. Quicklime's versatility is showcased through its ability to adjust pH levels, aid in water purification processes, and facilitate critical reactions in industries ranging from steel to paper production.


Hydrated Lime

is derived from quicklime by the addition of water, and further extends the utility of lime-based materials. This transformation yields a substance with enhanced handling characteristics, making it a preferred choice in applications spanning water treatment, construction, and road stabilisation projects. 


Hydrated Lime's versatility shines through its ability to improve asphalt resistance to high temperatures, assist in water treatment processes, and combat environmental pollutants like sulphur dioxide and hydrogen chloride emissions from flue gas.

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