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Geo-Ionic Road Stablisation Distribution



GeoIonic™ is a 100% Australian made, technically advanced soil stabilisation compound that is demonstrably one of Australia's most exciting and innovative infrastructure products. This unique compound was developed by Project Innovations in Sydney, Australia, specifically for use on roads. The electro-chemical or “ionic” nature of GeoIonic™, improves the CBR of sub-grades, increases pavement tensile strength, and fortifies the road’s weight bearing capabilities.

Geo-Ionic™ is a non toxic compound, and is agriculturally and environmentally friendly. It has also ticked all the boxes when it comes to Australia’s rigorous environmental standards legislation. The GeoIonic™ formula is unsurpassed in its ability to bind soil particles, making the soil very dense and resistant to water penetration. It has amazing dust suppression properties and under a slightly different application process, can be used as a very effective dust suppression treatment making a perfect secondary use in the mining and other dust creating industries.

Application of the product is very simple and does not require any specialised or expensive equipment. All that is required for the compounds application is a road grader, water tanker and a vibrating compressor. Many Australian regional government bodies (Councils), are using GeoIonic™, and the product is required to meet the worlds highest standards, demanded by the Australian government. The savings enjoyed by these regional and rural governments on their road maintenance programs has been calculated in millions of dollars.

Additionally, Geo-Ionic’s reputation has been enhanced courtesy of its selection by the United Nations to be used for stabilisation projects in several emerging African countries. For these reasons, Geo-Ionic is now receiving an incredible amount of interest and enquiry internationally.


Road building in many countries is simply not affordable due to the cost associated with stabilising the soil. However, thanks to this Australian developed product, AustralAsean can now offer non government organisations, corporations such as mining companies, plantation owners, military, and governments, a viable solution to their road stabilisation and dust suppression problems, at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.


AustralAsean is the distributor of GeoIonic™ outside continental Australia. For sales within Australia contact Project Innovations or click this link to go to the website.

With Geo-Ionic road maintenance is not the problematic costly problem it once was! Geo-Ionic can not solve the problems of the world, however it can contribute to society by providing an effective solution for road networks under the most difficult conditions. If you are interested in finding out more about this exciting new product, please contact AustralAsean Group today.

Why Do Roads Matter

Roads Matter

Roads are the arteries through which a nation’s economy pulses. By linking producers to markets, workers to jobs, students to school, and the sick to hospitals, roads are vital to every nation’s development and social agenda. That is certainly the opinion of the World Bank which has constructed or rehabilitated more than 300,000 km of roads since 2002. The organisation understands that effective transport infrastructure is vital to fighting poverty in emerging nations.

Roads open up areas and stimulate economic and social development. For those reasons, road infrastructure is the most important of all public assets. Research has shown that adequately maintaining road infrastructure is essential to preserve and enhance those benefits.

Insufficient maintenance causes irreversible deterioration of road networks, leading to the need to replace roads after just a few years. That deterioration spreads across a road system very quickly and results in soaring costs and a major financial impact on the economy and citizens.


However, the importance of road maintenance is not recognised by decision-makers in many areas and as a result, poor asset management means that many road networks are not in good condition.

Management of the road asset involves the application of engineering, financial, and management practices to optimise the level-of-service outcome in return for the most cost-effective financial input. Indeed, the main objective for the maintenance of the road network in any region, is simply to apply the right treatment at the right time to achieve the desired level of service, confirming that the road infrastructure is a financial asset for society and the economy. Good roads also assist in the reduction of road fatalities and injuries. That is also why roads do matter.

AustralAsean's proud to be contributing to the expansion of human prosperity across the Asia Pacific region by ensuring our customers can build and maintain a viable cost-effective road network, in their various jurisdictions.

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Become a Geo-Ionic Distributor

Become a Geo-Ionic Distributor

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