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HydroNova Joins AustralAsean

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Inventor and Hydraulics engineer William (Bill) H. Richards has licensed the distribution of his Innovative HydroNova Floating Hydropower Generation Technology to AustralAsean™ in a ground breaking agreement which will see the companies seek to commercialise the technology on behalf of Bill and his company.

HydroNova is a new advanced hydropower technology designed by Australian inventor and hydraulics engineer William (Bill) H. Richards.

The two major applications of this new technology are run-of-the-river floating hydroelectric generation and floating tidal surge hydroelectric generation.

The proof of concept for this cutting-edge hydropower generation technology has been completed by Sofia Technical University, by the agency of Professor Giorgio Todorov, Dean of the faculty of industrial technology.

The HydraNova technology produces enough energy from a single generator unit (25 to 50 megawatts) to power a small city without requiring inundation of land for the construction of a dam or reservoir.

HydraNova’s patented technology involves the use of slow rotating high torque turbines to convert kinetic energy from an existing water flow into highly efficient mechanical rotational energy which is in turn converted to electricity via a dual core permanent magnet axial flux alternator.

Although powered by re-engineered waterwheels, pivotal to the capacity of the HydroNova to generate output many times the output of existing designs is HydroNova’’s use of modern rare earths magnets.

HydraNova’s state-of-the-art technology has resolved many issues regarding friction and air build up behind the turbine blades.

The leading and trailing edge venturies and the precision engineered streamlined hulls, combine with a purpose built air relief valve to create a higher collection of kinetic energy and increase the generators efficiency to over 96%.

This level of efficiency compared with around 25% for solar, 45% for wind and 50 to 60% for a gas fired power plant demonstrates the advantages of hydro power.

Rivers still flow at night and also when the wind does not blow, so if established in the right area HydroNova technology can generally be used as a stable source for supporting other renewables.

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