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Penrith Company Helps Kids Get to School in Malaysia

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Four executives from Malaysian infrastructure provider Ardtech Road Snd Bhd travelled to Western Sydney last week, to sign an exclusive national distribution agreement for Geo-Ionic™ road stabiliser, a product designed, patented and produced in St Mary's by local company Project Innovations Pty Ltd.

The agreement was brokered by Australasean Group another local company, who specialise in fostering business relationships and commerce between South East Asia and Australia.

Australasean Group acquired the Asia Pacific distribution rights to Geo-Ionic and Geo-Ionic Plus in September 2019, Ardtech Road Snd Bhd will be the first national distributor to be signed up.

"This is a ground breaking agreement which we believe will open up the south East Asian Market" said Mr Evans, Executive Director of Australasean.

Geo-Ionic is a state of the art compound which is widely used in rural Australia and Geo-Ionic is listed as an approved supplier to the United Nations from December 2014. The product is an Ionic compound which excludes water, and therefore is very stable under all weather conditions.

"We have done a great deal of research into the available solutions" said Mr Areezman, CEO of Ardtech, "however the things that impressed us most, were the product's environmental safety, longevity, ease of application and cost effectiveness. It was simply the best on the market" he said.

"In Malaysia, the instability of our roads in remote areas due to monsoonal and other factors, means this in not only a commercial problem for the government, but also a social one" said Mr Areezman.

"In many circumstances children cannot get to school and the sick and elderly cannot get assistance, when roads are damaged by severe weather."

The delegation included Mr Azmi Atan,  Executive Director, Mr Abrizan Abdul Rahim, Chief Operations Officer, Mr Mohd Daud,  Director and Areezman Abdul Rahim, CEO of Ardtech Road Sdn Bhd. Interestingly, two of the group, Mr Areezman and Mr Mohd are graduates of Edith Cowan University in Western Australia.

The group were unofficially welcomed to Penrith by East Ward Councillor and Emeritus Mayor Greg Davies. Many of the meetings and the signing of the agreement, were held at Panther's World of Entertainment where the group were interested to learn about the local Rugby League team. 

After the meeting the group all became financial members of Panthers, and indicated that they were looking forward to coming back to watch a game in 2020.

Mr Abrizan, a Rugby Union player in Kuala Lumpur said that "Panther's should organise a feeder club in Malaysia".

The Group returned to Malaysia on Sunday.

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