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GeoIonic Road Stabiliser

truck on dirt

Roads are the arteries through which a nation’s economy pulses. By linking producers to markets, workers to jobs, students to school, and the sick to hospitals, roads are vital to every nation’s development and social agenda.

AustralAsean is the Asia Pacific distributor of Geo-Ionic a 100% Australian made, advanced soil stabilisation compound that is one of Australia's most exciting and innovative infrastructure products.

Geo-Ionic is non toxic compound, and is agriculturally and environmentally friendly. It has also ticked all the boxes when it comes to Australia’s rigorous environmental standards legislation. It is unsurpassed in its ability to bind soil particles, making the soil very dense and resistant to water penetration.


It has amazing dust suppression properties and under a slightly different application process, can be used as a very effective dust suppression treatment making a perfect secondary use in mining and other dust creating industry.


HydroNova Hydro Power


HydroNova is a new advanced hydropower technology designed by Australian inventor and hydraulics engineer William (Bill) H. Richards. The two major applications of this new technology are run-of-the-river floating hydroelectric generation and floating tidal surge hydroelectric generation.

The proof of concept for this cutting-edge hydropower generation technology has been completed by Sofia Technical University, by the agency of Professor Giorgio Todorov. Dean of the faculty of industrial technology.


The HydroNova technology produces enough energy from a single generator unit (25 to 50 megawatts) to power a small city without requiring inundation of land for the construction of a dam or reservoir.


HydroNova’s patented technology involves the use of slow rotating high torque turbines to convert kinetic energy from an existing water flow into highly efficient mechanical rotational energy which is in turn converted to electricity via a dual core permanent magnet axial flux alternator.


AquaGolf Franchise


AustralAsean is franchising AquaGolf throughout South East Asia and the Pacific. There are some exciting locations available including Bangkok, Chonburi, Batam, Bintang, Bali Kuala Lumpur and Johor Baru.

AquaGolf is a family fun activity for all ages.  AquaGolf provides the world’s most innovative  family entertainment experience. At it cores are a series of activities and challenges where kids and adults experience the thrill of attempting to win lucrative prizes by chipping a golf balls into a selected target.


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