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About AquaGolf


About The AquaGolf Franchise


Hello and welcome, if you have found your way to this page it is because you have been sent a link directly to the page. The Aqua golf project is a private venture sponsored by AustralAsean and is not accessible by the general public.


AquaGolf is a family fun activity for all ages. It provides the world’s most innovative  family entertainment experience. At it cores are a series of activities and challenges where kids and adults experience the thrill of attempting to win lucrative prizes by chipping a golf ball into a selected target in a lake or water body. AquaGolf is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the family entertainment space. It also offers an element of adult entertainment as well by way of gaming.


AquaGolf is looking for quality franchisees to bring the AquaGolf to consumers across Asia and ultimately the world!

Getting Started, How Do I Start my Aqua Golf Franchise


As with every great idea the concept is simple devil of making it work seamlessly is in the detail. 


We offer a turnkey solution. We design and build your customised AquaGolf venue. Once a site is chosen, our world-class team will engineer and design your customised AquaGolf park which will fit the needs of your location and demographic. We offer virtual design rendering which will allow you to walk through your AquaGolf facility virtually before construction starts.




We estimate estimated Initial Investment to be $US300,000 to $US2,000,000 depending on your market, size and location. and we only enter markets where we believe the payback period is four years or less, and we only enter lease agreements with the land owner who are offering ten by ten year leases. Perhaps you have some suitable land in mind or even some land you own outright.

▪ Investment: $300,000 – $2,000,000

▪ $60,000 Single Unit Franchise Fee

▪ Multi-Unit Development Agreement offers discounts and other incentives for those interested in opening multiple locations.


Royalty Fee and Brand Fund Fee:


▪ 6% Royalty

▪ 2% Brand Fund Contribution (after 2 years)

We aggressively protect our brand across global market so that your business will thrive.

Training and Support


Tee your franchise off, and swing into action. Our comprehensive training program will provide you with all the necessary tools to open and operate your AquaGolf location. Our 4 week training program includes:


• Online pre-training.

• In-classroom and on-the-job training at the AquaGolf corporate facility in Thailand.

• On-site training at the franchisee's location.

• A Train-The-Trainer program so you are able to effectively train your own employees.

• Comprehensive operation manuals with everything you need to know about running your AquaGolf franchise.

• Helping find and train an engineering expert in your local area who will be able to support and maintain your AquaGolf franchise.

• After training, we will stay connected through on-site visits, webinars and phone calls to provide you with the guidance needed to ensure your ongoing success.




Our in-house advertising team will provide you with proven marketing assets and campaigns. These assets include graphics, email templates, landing pages and automated funnels that drive increased store traffic and revenue to your location.

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